Small House in the Garden, 1908 by Pablo Picasso

Another of the landscapes Picasso produced at La Rue-des-Bois reinforces the link between Picasso and Paul Cezanne. Here Picasso presents a humble scene, a small house fenced off from a pathway and framed by two trees. In the background a third tree appears silhouetted against a bluish-grey sky. It is the absence of detail and the solidity of the forms that relates most closely to Cezanne's work.

The house itself has been reduced to three solid planes - end wall, side wall and roof, though the latter two areas blend into each other. There is no indication of door, window or chimney, and the colours used to depict this house match those used to describe the surrounding landscape. Also the use of bold, diagonal brushstrokes reduces the sense of spatial recession and the background sky seems every bit as solid as the foreground tree, Notably, while Picasso was producing his Cezannesque landscapes in northern France, Georges Braque was producing similar works in the south at L'Estaque, in Cezanne's native Aix-en-Provence, Picasso and Braque exhibited these works together in Paris towards the end of 1908