Kiss, 1969 by Pablo Picasso

Amid the fall of 1969 and the following winter, Picasso investigated an alternate variation of the omnipresent theme, love; he continued to fill an entire arrangement of canvases with couples kissing. Some of the time they are portrayed full-length, lying down, embracing. Just like Kiss created by Famous Austria Symbolism artist Gustav Klimt, Picasso's kiss is erotic, sometimes predominates with genital sexuality.

There are speculations that this Kiss is an extension of the "artist-and-model theme", for the reason that the man is completely dressed while the woman is naked. He might also, in view of his beard and large hat, represent a modification of The Musketeer.

However the "couple kissing" topic was not new to Picasso. In the winter of 1969/70; he had painted an extraordinary picture on the same subject in 1925. Unquestionably the work demonstrated here indicates no feeling of dormant hostility or open antagonistic vibe between the sexes. The impression created by this picture is generally peaceful and, not least because of its gentle coloration, harmony.