Jacqueline Kneeling, 1954 by Picasso

The year 1954 was a depressing one for Picasso Several of his long-time friends, including the writers Maurice Raynal and Paul Eluord, and the painter Henri Matisse had recently died. His relationship with Francoise had fallen apart. The departure of Francoise and the children left Picasso alone, but a new woman, Jacqueline Roque, soon emerged on the scene. Now in his seventies, Picasso began what was to be his last major relationship.

In 1954 Jacqueline moved in with Picasso and the couple married seven years later. In 1955 Picasso and Jacqueline acquired a new home called 'La Californie', situated on a hill in Cannes overlooking the Golfe Juan. Here Picasso embarked on a feverish period of painting. Jacqueline was to become one of the major subjects of this period, and he pointed his new partner over and over again. Here we see Jacqueline in profile, seated with her knees tucked up to her chest. The elongated neck, simple striped dress and sandals give the sitter the air of a classical goddess,